Zelena + Agents of Shield

Happy birthday Zelena!! I love you, my sweet, psychotic, precious little baby. ❤

You may have noticed that I haven’t been on in a while. This is not because I have been busy with schoolwork, and it is not because I have a life outside of fandoms. (I don’t). It is because I have been binge watching Agents of Shield. Yep, from 1xo1 to now. Because I have no life. I have watched the whole show at least five times a year, every year since it started. And I love it!! It renewed my Skyeward feels, but it also increased my StaticQuake feels. #mypoorshipperheart

I’m actually only up to episode 3×15 of Agents of Shield, but I just thought what if the death Malick saw was his daughter’s? I mean, aside from himself, he doesn’t seem to really care about anybody else. Except his daughter. He seemed pretty scared after Charles touched him, and we know that when Charles touches someone they both see a death. So since Malick doesn’t really care about anyone else, who did he see die?

We know that somebody is going to die. When Daisy touches Charles, the second time, we see something blow up. I think it was the ship, but I’m half asleep at the moment. Anyway, whoever dies inside of that ship has the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on their clothing. So it’s obviously an agent. But who?

My theories:

Daisy – It’s very possible that Daisy is the one that dies. Since the person whose death you see, you have to actually be near, I’m guessing that the death she saw was perhaps her own. I really, really, really hope not. Otherwise I am going to throw something very heavy, scream for all eternity, perhaps break my TV, scream some more…

When Simmons said “what if the death Daisy saw was her own?’ the first time Daisy touched Charles, I feel like it was a line of foreshadowing. Foreshadowing for the second time Daisy touched Charles and she saw a death. Maybe the second death is her own.

If it is, I’m going to break a lot more than just my TV, I’ll throw so many things at walls, and, obviously, more screaming. I LOVE YOU SKYE!! Dammit, Daisy.

Lincoln – I don’t even know why I think it might be him, it’s just a feeling that I have. Though I will also scream and break things if he dies. I love Lincoln. ❤

Joey – DON’T EVEN ASK. I mean, I know right? Why the hell would Joey be the one who dies?  But I can’t explain it, I feel like he has something to do with it, or it is him or something. I don’t even know.

Elena “Yo-Yo” – I definitely think that it is Yo-Yo more than any of the others. Firstly, I know she’ll be in the show again. And what is really the point of her character if she’s not going to take part in something significant? I don’t really see a purpose to her character if they don’t do something major with her. Secondly, just before the ship blows up, there are all sorts of random objects floating around, and one of these objects happens to be a crucifix necklace. Exactly like the one Yo-Yo wears.

You may have noticed by now that all of my theories lead to an inhuman dying. I definitely think that it’s going to be one of them, and Yo-Yo is my best guess. The death is going to occur this season, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to figure out what it is. Which is a relief because I have been panicking 24/7 over who is going to die. I’m panicking right now, as a matter of fact.

Byeeeeee ❤