Happily Ever After Review: Spoilers!

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

The Queen
I love Amberly, but she is definitely blinded by her love in this story.
Clarkson said he chose her because what he asked for, she gave. Really, he chose her because he could control her, she did whatever he wanted. While he may have actually believed he loved her, it wasn’t so. He also may have chosen her because she was from the South, and her being Queen appeased them for a while.

The Prince

Wow. Daphne is weird.
I loved reading America and Maxon’s meeting from Maxon’s POV!! They’re so adorable!!
It was also great to be able to read about Maxon meeting all of the girls.
It was entertaining when the girls were being so dramatic about getting kicked out of the palace.
“Clarissa ran up to me and clutched my hand. “I can be better, I swear!”

The Guard

Aspen can be so incredibly annoying. He couldn’t seem to accept the fact that America was in the Selection, even though it was his idea for her to enter in the first place! Ughh. I think the real reason I can’t stop hating Aspen is because, for a while, he was the only thing that stood between America and Maxon and their happy ending. (And I LOVE America and Maxon’s relationship so much!)

The Favorite  

I love Marlee and Carter’s relationship, and I also love Marlee and America’s friendship. I love them all!! 

The Arrival

I hated Celeste reading this scene from America’s POV, but from Celeste’s POV, I like her. XD

The Kiss
This is the scene that makes me really hate (more than I did before) Celeste because Maxon belongs with Americaaa.

The Departure
I love Celeste in this scene. Not to mention Maxon. Amazing.

The Maid
I love Lucy. Enough said.

After The One
I love Maxon and America SO MUCH.
It was so cute when Maxon found out that America was pregnant. It was definitely my favourite scene.
Also loved seeing May in there for a little while!! She’s so cute.
Also loved seeing Marlee, Carter and Aspen again, as well as getting a bit of a mention of America’s mum… XD
“She danced in the fountain on New Year’s Eve, America,” he said, a childlike amusement in his eyes. “It was amazing, and I will never let it go.”

Where Are They Now?
I found this pretty interesting, but I would’ve liked it if more of the girls were including in this section, though we didn’t get to know them as well throughout the series. I also would’ve liked others (not Selected) to have been included in this. (i.e. America’s siblings, Aspen, Carter, Lucy, Mary and Anne).

I would still really like to be able to read America and Maxon’s wedding scene. Please Kiera? I just think it would be the cutest scene in recorded history. ❤

Also — I know I haven’t been doing the T5W for a few weeks, but I will be doing it again this week!! Sorry for not posting much!

Byeeeeee ❤


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