5 Favourite Non-Canon Pairings

Here I am, with my first T5W of the month. Finally. Sorry for being so inactive these past few weeks. (SPOILER WARNING: SPOILERS FOR AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 1 AND AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 3)

So here are my top 5 non-canon pairings (including couples that are not together in the end of the series).

  1. Daisy and Fitzsimmons (Agents of Shield) – BROTP
  2. Felicity and Fitzsimmons (Arrow + Agents of Shield) – BROTP
  3. Skye and Felicity [NOT DAISY!! Character development has me shipping Skye and Felicity, but not Daisy and Felicity. And Skye and Felicity are my two hacker babies.] (Agents of Shield + Arrow) – BROTP
  4. Skyeward (Agents of Shield) – OTP
  5. StaticQuake (Agents of Shield) – OTP

So there you have it! My 5 favourite non-canon pairings.

I would have also included WHY I loved all of them but I actually wanted to post this on a Wednesday for once. Not sure if I’ll be participating again next week. The topic is ‘favourite spooky settings’. I don’t read books or watch TV shows with creepy settings. XD

I know this post is really short, but I’ll do my best to post again as soon as possible!!

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Happily Ever After Review: Spoilers!

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

The Queen
I love Amberly, but she is definitely blinded by her love in this story.
Clarkson said he chose her because what he asked for, she gave. Really, he chose her because he could control her, she did whatever he wanted. While he may have actually believed he loved her, it wasn’t so. He also may have chosen her because she was from the South, and her being Queen appeased them for a while.

The Prince

Wow. Daphne is weird.
I loved reading America and Maxon’s meeting from Maxon’s POV!! They’re so adorable!!
It was also great to be able to read about Maxon meeting all of the girls.
It was entertaining when the girls were being so dramatic about getting kicked out of the palace.
“Clarissa ran up to me and clutched my hand. “I can be better, I swear!”

The Guard

Aspen can be so incredibly annoying. He couldn’t seem to accept the fact that America was in the Selection, even though it was his idea for her to enter in the first place! Ughh. I think the real reason I can’t stop hating Aspen is because, for a while, he was the only thing that stood between America and Maxon and their happy ending. (And I LOVE America and Maxon’s relationship so much!)

The Favorite  

I love Marlee and Carter’s relationship, and I also love Marlee and America’s friendship. I love them all!! 

The Arrival

I hated Celeste reading this scene from America’s POV, but from Celeste’s POV, I like her. XD

The Kiss
This is the scene that makes me really hate (more than I did before) Celeste because Maxon belongs with Americaaa.

The Departure
I love Celeste in this scene. Not to mention Maxon. Amazing.

The Maid
I love Lucy. Enough said.

After The One
I love Maxon and America SO MUCH.
It was so cute when Maxon found out that America was pregnant. It was definitely my favourite scene.
Also loved seeing May in there for a little while!! She’s so cute.
Also loved seeing Marlee, Carter and Aspen again, as well as getting a bit of a mention of America’s mum… XD
“She danced in the fountain on New Year’s Eve, America,” he said, a childlike amusement in his eyes. “It was amazing, and I will never let it go.”

Where Are They Now?
I found this pretty interesting, but I would’ve liked it if more of the girls were including in this section, though we didn’t get to know them as well throughout the series. I also would’ve liked others (not Selected) to have been included in this. (i.e. America’s siblings, Aspen, Carter, Lucy, Mary and Anne).

I would still really like to be able to read America and Maxon’s wedding scene. Please Kiera? I just think it would be the cutest scene in recorded history. ❤

Also — I know I haven’t been doing the T5W for a few weeks, but I will be doing it again this week!! Sorry for not posting much!

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Empire of Storms: Mini Review + Quotes

Hey guys! I finished reading Empire of Storms last night, and so I’ll be posting my mini review here, in addition to quotes that I really liked. (by the way, I’ve been thinking maybe I could post quotes from books I like more often, what do you think? Tell me in comments please. 🙂 )

Mini Review
I think I speak for all of us, each and every SJM reader, when I say that this book should have been titled “A Book of Pain and Agony”. Alternatively, “Crusher of Souls, Hope and Everything Good in the World” may have worked too. Because that is exactly what reading this book does to you. It rips out your heart, and shreds it into tiny, tiny pieces.

Quotes (beware of spoilers)
“The world,” Aelin said, “will be saved and remade by the dreamers, Rolfe.”
“The world will be saved by the warriors, by the men and women who will spill their blood for it. Not for empty promises and gilded dreams.”

“The wind in the grasses died; the campfire far beyond their tent flickered, the people around it huddling closer together as the nighttime insects went silent and the small, furred creatures of the plains scampered into their burrows.”

“They could burn the entire world to ashes with it. He was hers and she was his, and they had found each other across centuries of bloodshed and loss, across oceans and kingdoms and war.”

“Despite herself, despite what she’d done, she decided she wanted Rowan to call her milady at least once every day.”

“Today her message would thunder across the realms.
She was not a rebel princess, shattering enemy castles and killing kings.
She was a force of nature. She was a calamity and a commander of immortal warriors of legend.”

“The core of his power yielded to her own, melted and became embers and wildfire. Became the molten heart of the earth, shaping the world and birthing new lands.”

“The pillar of flame began expanding, laced now with blue and turquoise. Flame that could melt bone, crack the earth.”

“The flame she would unleash would be so cold it burned, realized it was the cold of the stars, the cold of stolen light.
Not wildfire – but moonfire.”

“I love you. There is no limit to what I can give to you, no time to need. Even when this world is a forgotten whisper of dust between the stars, I will love you.”

“And he wondered if Aelin was somehow watching the archipelago, and the seas, and the skies, as if she might never see them again.”

“Death smelled like salt and blood and wood and rot.
And it hurt.
Darkness embrace her, it hurt like hell. The Ancient Ones had lied that it cured all ills, if the slice of pain across her abdomen was any indication. Not to mention the pounding headache, the sheer dryness of her mouth, the burning sting in the other cut on her arm.
Perhaps the Darkness was another world, another realm. Perhaps she’d gone to the hell-realm the humans so feared.
She hated Death.
And Death could go to hell, too –”

“The world began and ended in fire.
A sea of fire with no room for air, for sound beyond the cascading molten earth. The true heart of fire – the tool of creation and destruction.
And she was drowning in it.”

“The Queen of Flame and Shadow, the Heir of Fire, Aelin of the Wildfire, Fireheart…”

“A court that wouldn’t just change the world. It would start the world over.
A court that could conquer this world, and any other it wished.”

“Now the dark queen’s flag vanished entirely, as Fae ships bearing the sliver banner of the House of Whitethorn opened fire upon their own armada.”

“Rowan wished his Fireheart were there to see it as the House of Whitethorn slammed into Maeve’s fleet, and ice and wind exploded across the waves.”

“Rowan surveyed his brother’s wound.” (literally squealed at this – brothers!!)

“The Queen of the Fae was exactly as Aelin remembered. Swirling dark robes, a beautiful pale face beneath onyx hair, red lips set in a faint smile… No crown adorned her head, for all who breathed, even the dead who slumbered, would know her for what she was.
Dreams and nightmares given form; the dark face of the moon.”

“Flame slammed outward, red and golden – just as a wall of darkness lashed for Aelin.
The impact shook the world.”

“Maeve and Aelin struck again.
Light and darkness.”

“Darkness devoured flame.”

“Aelin’s body hurt.
Everything hurt. Her blood, her breath, her bones.
There was no magic left. Nothing left to save her.”

“Time – she was grateful Elena had given her that stolen time.
Grateful she had met them all, that she had seen some small part of the world, had heard such lovely music, had danced and laughed and known true friendship. Grateful that she had found Rowan.”

“So Aelin Galathynius dried her tears.”

“I am going to find the Crochans. And I am going to raise an army with them. For Aelin Galathynius. And her people. And for ours.”

“And the road that now sprawled away before him, curving into unknown, awaiting shadow… it did not frighten him.”

“And then the general-prince stepped forward and embraced the king.”

And now for the amazing Aelin/Rowan quotes that made tears come to my eyes (and in the first, may I say, that I think we were all Elide):

“Rowan hissed, “Where is my wife?”
“Oh, gods,” Elide sobbed as she overheard, the words carrying the sound of Lorcan’s own fractured heart. “Oh, gods…”

“Rowan had married Aelin before dawn barely two days ago.”

“His Fireheart.
His equal, his friend, his lover. His wife.
His mate.”

“And he would not accept that he had found her, and she had found him, and they had survived such sorrow and pain and despair together, only to be cleaved apart. He would not accept the fate that had been dealt to her, would not accept that her life was the asking price for saving this world.”

“He would not accept it for one heartbeat.”

“Rowan shifted and soared high on a fast, wicked wind of his own making, the glimmering sea sprawling to his right, the marshes a green-and-gray tangle to his left. Chaining the wind to him, swiftly catching up to his companions now flying down the coast, he committed her scent to memory, committed that flicker in the bond to memory.
That flicker he could have sworn he felt in answer, like the fluttering heart of an ember.”

“Unleashing a cry that set the world trembling, Prince Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius, Consort of the Queen of Terrasen, began the hunt to find his wife.”

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