My Fangirl Day

My friend and I had about ten minutes to spare before school, so of course, naturally, we had to watch an episode of Once Upon A Time. So, even though episodes go for about forty minutes, we watched the start of 5×13 ‘Labour of Love’. THE FEELS!! I tried really hard not to cry, because I was at school, in plain sight of half the students, but… SWANFIRE FEELS!! And my poor Killy Bear. 😦

I believe my English teacher thinks that I am insane. Truly, certifiably, insane. You see, my English teacher saw me fangirl for the first time ever today. It can be a bit of a traumatic experience for some.

I was being my usual fangirl-ish self, and so, whilst waiting for my teacher to arrive to class, I was fangirling about Malec and their perfection to three of my friends. I’m pretty sure only one of them even knew who Malec was, but none of them are fangirls of The Mortal Instruments or Shadowhunters.

When my teacher arrived, she came across me fangirling, squealing, flapping my arms around, saying ‘I can’t even’ and ‘feels’, and her facial expression honestly suggests that she is gravely concerned about the state of my mind.

Now, my friends’ faces look like that all the time, but generally with a hint of exasperation thrown in, because they have honestly seen me fangirl every day for at least two years. It is, traditionally, a part of their daily routine by now. They have simply come to accept, or at least tolerate, the fact that I am insane.

After school at my music lesson, my teacher and I were deciding what I should learn to play next. We looked at numerous theme songs for various movies, and she asked me if The Hunger Games had a theme song, and I said ‘the sounds of dying children’. Kinda morbid, but also, I believe, very accurate. Hahaha. *Cries* Rue.

Luckily, my music teacher also happens to be a fangirl, and so I did not receive the ‘are you insane?’ face from her. (We actually spent a chunk of the lesson discussing novels. She told me she will never again read another John Green novel because they are too depressing. Lol, she’s only read The Fault In Our Stars, and refuses to watch the movie, because it’s too sad).

And I found a book! Actually, my friend found a book! And it looks amazing!!

The Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal by Kathleen Smith, due for release July 5th!!
I cannot wait!!! Yes, I actually want this book. Because I am weird. And what better way to channel your inner (and outer) nerd than by reading a book about fangirls!

Byeeeeee ❤


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